TKMaxx/The Voice Project

BriefTo communicate TK Maxx’s key messages to their target audiences in order to rebuild TK Maxx reputation and to increase their fashion credibility.
What we didWe worked with two authentic brand ambassadors to stand behind TK Maxx and to be their voice - as they can say what TK Maxx cannot. Melanie Rickey, Editor-at-large at Grazia  picked 6 trends from TK Maxx’s online stock, which were showcased in blog posts on TK Maxx’s website. Tom Stubbs, Style Editor at the Sunday Times created trend led videos, which were also posted on the TK Maxx website.
ResultsHelen Gunter Head of Communications at TK Maxx
“Tom’s videos helped TK Maxx’s  e-commerce to have their best day yet (outside mass clearance).  Mens sales lifted 71% - which shows there's an appetite for style guides for men!”

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